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Please Note - The Nursery is no longer open to visitors as we now only supply plants by mail order.

However, plants can be pre-order for collection or you can contact us to see if we have the plants you require, they could then be collected from the Nursery at a convenient time to suit all.        

Tel: 01737 823307  

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The Website and Fuchsia listings have now been updated for the 2018 season




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You can also download individual PDF Fuchsia lists for one section only if you wish. You will find the links for them  in each of the fuchsia types ('Basket' as an example) on the right hand side column amongst the written listings.  

Welcome to our revised website.  "Fuchsias Original & Unusual" describes fairly accurately the Fuchsias we grow and offer for sale at the nursery and by mail order. 



Fuchsia fulgens

Our interest in the "Original & Unusual" stems from growing and appreciating the natural beauty and diversity of the original Fuchsia Species.  Are we  exaggerating? I don't think so!  We have not visited South America where most of the species originate but can well imagine the   awe-inspiring sight as you walk through the cloud forests of the Andes, where Fuchsias have grown up through the trees, and the racemes of orange flowers of Fuchsia dependens or the brilliant red flowers of Fuchsia boliviana are suspended on  arching branches above your head. I think after seeing that my description just could be an understatement!

The many interesting and unusual hybrids that we  now have are  the  results  of today's hybridizers  using many more of the original Fuchsia species that are now available to them in their programmes (see 'Loxhore Posthorn' on the right)  We have many of these types of Fuchsia and you can find them listed under our "Collectors Corner".  Other Fuchsias grown and offered for sale by mail order are the original Species, the small flowered Encliandra types and the large leafed trumpet flowered Triphylla types, as well as the more usual, Hardy, Basket & General varieties.












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Rene Schwab  (Collectors)

Lechlade Gorgon  (Collectors)

Katinka  (Encliandra)

Tennessee Waltz  (Hardy)

F. dependens  (Species)

Fabian Frank  (Triphylla)

Constance  (Hardy)

Chandlerii  (Patio)


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